17 Features Every Applicant Tracking System Must Have

Download our complete list to learn what features every ATS should offer you.

What Should I Look For?

What should an ATS do for you?

There's a ton of recruiting software on the market that only manages a few pieces of the recruiting lifecycle. An applicant tracking system is a fully-featured system designed to help you manage the entire recruiting process, end-to-end, from one unified system. Not sure what to look for? Download our list of the 17 features every ATS must have to learn what you should be looking for in your evaluation.

You'll learn:

  • The key pieces of the recruitment puzzle an ATS should help you manage
  • The 17 ATS features that help you manage the recruiting process
  • What to look for when comparing vendors
  • Why recruiters and talent acquisition experts see ATS as a must-have for their hiring needs