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Who is AssureHire?



At AssureHire, our mission is to help you build a great organization through fast and compliant screening solutions that ensure the applicant experience and personal identifiers are held in the highest regard.

Who is Newton?


Newton is modern, easy-to-use applicant tracking software designed to organize and improve internal recruiting programs for small and medium sized businesses from 30 to 3000 employees. Easy collaboration and powerful performance driven metrics ensure HR and Recruiting users are always in control. 



AssureHire and Newton Software Make Background Checks Simple Smart and Safe

AssureHire's leading platform leverages the latest in online and mobile technologies (including messaging, email, and geo-location) giving us a clear advantage in turnaround times vs our competitors. 



AssureHire's technology also assists with complex legal requirements and regulations such as EEOC and FCRA. By automating compliant and best practice processes, risks such as human error and inefficient record keeping can be avoided.



AsssureHire is backed by a team of professionals with deep expertise and passion for helping companies build safe and productive workplaces. Every account receives a dedicated account manager with unlimited phone, text, and email support. AssureHire is based in Northern California, and does not offshore any services or candidate information except as required for international screening.
AssureHire is a proud member of NAPBS.


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