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Who is Newton?



Newton is modern, easy-to-use applicant tracking software designed to organize and improve internal recruiting programs for small and medium sized businesses from 30 to 3000 employees. Easy collaboration and powerful performance driven metrics ensure HR and Recruiting users are always in control. 

  • Improve the applicant experience and streamline your job application process by only requesting release forms from candidates that you need to screen.
  • Pick your screening package and submit your request to EBI in real-time with without leaving an applicant’s record. 

Who is EBI?


EBI is an award-winning provider of background screening, drug testing, occupational health screening, and Form I-9/e-Verify services for employment, contract an volunteer positions in the US and globally. EBI’s mission is to make life easier for Human Resource Professionals -- which they do with streamlined web-based management platform, US-based team of experts, and an unmatched devotion to data security



  • Increasing visibility and accountability, Newton audits the entire background check process and provides alerts and real-time status for every background check requested, started and completed (or not completed).
  • Advanced user rights permissions allow you to control which users can "request" and "submit" screens to your preferred screening vendor.


  • Newton’s background check integration shifts the collection of sensitive data from your company and moves that responsibility to the experts. No more sensitive data stored in email. 
  • Screening results are transmitted back into Newton discretely and are password protected so only approved viewers can access sensitive information.


EBI and Newton Software Make Background Checks Simple Smart and Safe

The EBI screening solution seamlessly integrates into the Newton ATS system providing “one-click” background check initiation, current status view and report retrieval without leaving the Newton interface.


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