The Recruiting Metrics That Matter

Learn how to determine which numbers you should be tracking when it comes to your hiring performance.

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About the Webinar

Time-to-fill, time-to-hire. Is this the only metric you're tracking to measure the success of recruiting? There's so much more that you should be measuring beyond time-to-hire. In fact, time-to-hire is one of the most vague recruiting KPIs you can measure, since it doesn't do much to show you where bottlenecks are - or what you can be doing to improve your processes.

Join us with Joel Passen, co-founder of Newton and seasoned ex-recruiter with 20+ years of recruiting experience in our upcoming webinar and learn first-hand the metrics you absolutely MUST be tracking to improve processes and increase the success of your recruiting organization.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Why time-to-fill isn’t the most useful metric
  • Metrics to track as an HR Coordinator and as an HR Director
  • 5 reports you should always be running
  • Why these numbers matter