How Much Can Newton Save You?

Curious how much time and money you waste on manual recruiting processes? Need a business case for new recruiting technology?

Our applicant tracking system ROI calculator can show you in just 9 quick questions! 

Savings Calculated

  • Savings Broken Down by Stage of the Recruiting Process
  • Weekly Time Savings
  • Annual Cost Savings

What Our Customers Say

“The ROI we’ve seen has been incredible. With Newton’s organic job postings it’s like the software is recruiting for you. In addition to increased efficiency, Newton paid for itself by making one hire off of a job posting.”

- Jim Caragher, The C|B Group

“Our time to hire has decreased drastically with Newton. We went from 4 weeks to an average of 12-14 days!”

- Rob Lockard, Cohen-Esrey

“The main benefit that Newton provided us throughout our growth is that we didn't need to hire another person. It was either purchase Newton or pay for the salary of another person. We chose to make Newton our next hire and I couldn’t be more happy with the results!”

- Holly Pearson, Avery Brewing

Are you passionate about recruiting and hiring? That makes two of us!

In fact, our founders spent over two decades in the world of internal recruiting. Frustrated by the time they spent dealing with manual processes and inefficient recruiting software, they decided to build an applicant tracking system of their own. Since 2009, Newton’s been helping employers bring on top talent. Need some help with hiring? Make Newton your next hire.


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